Saturday, April 2, 2016

Syrian Troops Find 40 Bodies in Palmyra Grave; Recapture of Palmyra Is Biggest Setback for ISIS

Syrian troops have found a mass grave with 40 bodies in the city of Palmyra after recapturing the city -- with the support of Russian forces -- this week from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Big News Network website reports today (April 2, 2016).

The grave was uncovered on the northeastern edge of the city and contains the bodies of men, women, and children. A military source said that some of the bodies had been beheaded, while others had been shot.

The source added that they were officers, soldiers, members of pro-regime militia and their relatives; 24 of the victims were civilians, including three children.

The recapture of Palmyra by Syrian troops has been viewed by international affairs scholars as the biggest setback for ISIS since it declared a caliphate across parts of Syria and Iraq in 2014.

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