Thursday, April 21, 2016

Police Arrest 17 Jewish Activists in ADL's Lobby; Blast Support of Israel's Occupation of Palestine

Police arrested 17 Jewish activists denouncing the "Jewish establishment's support of the occupation of Palestine" on April 20 in the lobby of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) headquarters in New York City during one of a series of national Passover protests organized by the anti-occupation group "If Not Now," the Forward website reports today (April 21, 2016).

Before they were cuffed and shuffled into New York Police Department vans, the activists had sat cross-legged on the ADL lobby floor, leading a crowd of some 100 people in their version of a Passover Seder.

They banged on the floor, danced in circles, and sang familiar Hebrew songs. The Seder's ten plagues included "subjecting Palestinians to daily humiliation" and "destroying the Palestinian economy."

"We act now to build a Jewish community that recognizes that we cannot be free, absent the freedom for Palestinians," the text of one handout read.

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