Thursday, April 7, 2016

Denmark Police Nab 4 IS Suspects,Seize Weapons; Accused of Joining ISIS"to Commit Terrorist Acts"

Danish authorities today (April 7, 2016) arrested four people suspected of having enlisted in ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) in Syria. Authorities also seized weapons and ammunition related to those arrests, according to the CNN website.

Copenhagen police and Denmark security and intelligence service -- known as PET -- worked together to make the arrests in the Copenhagen metropolitan area.

Copenhagen police spokesman Mads Jensen told CNN that authorities found weapons and bullets in a related search. It was not immediately clear the amount discovered, or whether the suspects were actively plotting a terrorist attack.

Copenhagen police declined "for the sake of the investigation" to specify what led to the arrests or the identities of those detained -- even their genders and nationalities. They are accused of having joined the IS group in Syria "to commit terrorist acts," according to police. The four will appear in closed-door hearings tomorrow (April 8).

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