Monday, April 11, 2016

Temple Blaze in India Kills 108 People,5 Arrested; Fireworks Explosions Wound 380 at Hindu Affair

Indian police have detained five people after a fireworks display at a Hindu temple set off explosions and fire killing 108 people, the Reuters website reports today (April 11, 2016).

Thousands of people were gathered at the temple at Kollam in the southern state of Kerala yesterday for the pyrotechnic show to mark the start of the Hindu year when sparks ignited a cache of fireworks stored inside the temple grounds.

The district administration said it had not given permission for the fireworks display following complaints of noise and pollution. Some 380 people are being treated in hospitals for burns and injuries caused by flying concrete and debris.

Police Officer Anantha Krishnan said the five taken into custody were employees of a fireworks manufacturer who was given the contract for running the show at the Puttingal Devi temeple.

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