Monday, February 15, 2016

Zeman: EU Must Deport Islamic Fanatic Migrants; Czech Pres. Sees Them Preparing Terrorist Attacks

The solution to the migrant crisis in the EU (European Union) rests in the deportation of economic migrants -- as well as religious fanatics among them -- Czech President Milos Zeman said, adding that jihadists are among the Muslim migrants, the Prague Monitor website reports today (February 15, 2016).

Speaking on February 12 at an international conference on Social Democracy in the 21st Century, Zeman described Muslim migrants as persons who are not able to adapt themselves to European culture and that there are jihadists who could be preparing terrorist attacks among them.

"The sole possible solution to the migrant crisis is the deportation of the economic migrants and those who preach religious violence, religious hatred, briefly, those who are preparing acts of terrorism...," Zeman said.

"We cannot hope that there are no jihadists among the migrants, or people who can form 'sleeping cells' preparing monstrous terrorist actions as those in Paris recently [in which 130 innocent people were killed], Zeman added.

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