Thursday, February 11, 2016

Turkey Threatens to Flood Europe with Refugees; Pres. Erdogan: EU Hasn't Given Turkey 3B Euros

Turkey is prepared to "open the gates" and allow hundreds of thousands of refugees on its soil into Europe, the country's president threatened today (February 11, 2016), as he denounced the West's "shameful" contribution to the crisis, according to the Telegraph (British) website.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan goaded EU leaders, saying they had not delivered the three billion euros in aid his government was promised in exchange for halting the tide of refugees. (The EU says Turkey has halted very few -- if any -- refugees from going to Europe.)

In an address in Ankara, Erdogan said the Turkish government was being taken for "idiots" by Brussels and insisted he was "proud" of leaking minutes of a high-level meeting with EU leaders, in which he had threatened to flood Europe with refugees.

It came as NATO deployed a task force of battleships to the Greek coast to collect intelligence and -- for the first time -- return any stranded refugee vessels they intercept directly back to Turkey.

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