Saturday, February 27, 2016

US Defense Dept.Leads Aggressive Cyberwar on IS; Forbids IS Online Postings on Recruitment, Appeal

The U.S. Defense Department has launched a newly aggressive campaign of cyber attacks against Islamic State (IS) terrorists, targeting the group's abilities to use social media and the internet to recruit fighters and inspire followers, the Washington Times website reports today (February 27, 2016).

The surge of computer-based military operations by U.S. Cyber Command began shortly after Defense Secretary Ash Carter urged commanders at Fort Meade, Maryland, last month to ramp up the fight against the Islamic State group on the cyber front.

U.S. officials confirmed that operations launched out of Fort Meade have focused on disrupting the group's online activities. The cyber attacks include efforts to prevent IS from distributing propaganda, videos, and other types of recruiting and messaging on social media sites such as Twitter, and across the internet in general.

Other attacks include attempts to stop the terrorists from conducting financial or logistical transactions online.

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