Monday, December 8, 2014

Thousands of Germans Now Protest Islamization; Assured to Preserve Germany's Western Culture

A new type of anti-immigration protest is sweeping across Germany, as thousands take to the streets against what they say is the growing "Islamization" of the country, the Telegraph (British) website reports today (December 8, 2014).

The new protests -- which began in the city of Dresden in the former East Germany -- feature no neo-Nazi slogans and have nothing to do with the traditional far right.

Instead, the demonstrators have adopted the old rallying call of the protests against the East German communist regime that brought down the Berlin Wall 25 years ago: "Wir sind das Volk," or "We are the People." They say they want to preserve Germany's Judeo-Christian Western culture.

Germany is now the second most popular destination in the world for migrants (after the U.S.), and the country is struggling to cope with an unprecedented influx of asylum-seekers.

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