Friday, December 5, 2014

Obama Admin. Considers Ec. Sanctions on Israel; Due to Israel's Settlements on Palestinian Terrain

In a move that would greatly erode the friendly long-standing relationship between the United States and Israel, the White House is considering imposing economic sanctions on Israel over its West Bank settlement program, the National Review website reports today (December 5, 2014).

Yesterday, Israeli officials claimed that the White House and State Department held secret meetings to discuss punishing Israel for supporting Jewish settlement construction in the Palestinian territories -- an activity the Obama administration views as "counterproductive" to the peace process.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest refused to confirm or deny the sanction allegations, saying, "I'm not going to talk about any internal deliberations inside the administration, and certainly not inside the White House."

Earnest added that the Obama administration has been "crystal clear about our view of settlement activity," calling them "illegitimate" and "counterproductive" [to the peace process].

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