Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Synagogue Where Jesus Preached Found in Israel; Excavated by Archaeologists in Town of Magdala

Catholic group the Legions of Christ have uncovered a first-century synagogue in the ancient town of Magdala in Israel, where they say Jesus Christ is likely to have preached to the people, the Christian Post website reports today (December 23, 2014).

"Eighty percent of Jesus' public life was here," Father Eamon Kelly said about northern Israel.

Kelly revealed that his organization uncovered the synagogue after starting archaeological excavations at a site in the town of Magdala, believed to be the home of Mary Magdalene, known as one of Jesus' female disciples.

"This is the first synagogue ever excavated where Jesus walked and preached," Kelly said, adding that it is a "hugely important" discovery for both Christians and Jews.

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