Thursday, December 4, 2014

Saudi Restaurants Now Banning Single Women; Must Be Accompanied by a Male to Be Served

In a show of support for the belief that men must dominate women under Islam, Saudi Arabian restaurants have begun to ban single women and women not accompanied by a male guardian from entering their premises, the Clarion Project website reports today (December 4, 2014).

Restaurant owners claim that women in restaurants have been behaving in "a shocking way," according to one blogger who supported the ban.

The objectionable behavior included flirting, smoking, and using a mobile phone.

Rights groups expressed outrage over these new restaurant rules, which they said were illegal. "These signs [banning women without men] are against the law and reflect the personal opinions of the restaurant owners," said Khalid Al-Fakhri, secretary general for the National Society for Human Rights. "Restaurants should come up with alternative solutions if its customers are behaving inappropriately."

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