Sunday, April 2, 2017

Pope Lauds 500th Anniv. Conf. on Reformation; Says Envy between Cath.and Protestants Is Over

On March 31, Pope Francis greeted participants in a conference promoted by the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences, titled:"Luther: 500 Years Later: A Rereading of the Lutheran Reformation in Its Historic Ecclesial Context" which took place in Rome from March 29 to 31, 2017, the Independent Catholic News website reports today (April 2, 2017).

Gratitude to God and surprise, Pope Francis said, were his first responses upon hearing of the conference on the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther presenting his 95 theses, which sparked the Protestant Reformation in 1517.

The Holy Father noted that the title of the joint document commemorating the fifth centenary of Luther's reform is "From Conflict to Communion."

He added: "Serious research into the figure of Luther and his critique of the Church of his time and the papacy certainly contributes to overcoming the atmosphere of mutual distrust and rivalry that for all too long marked relations between Catholics and Protestants."

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