Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Anti-Semitic Acts in Sweden Close Down Center; Jewish Parents Felt Kids Unsafe in Umea School

Jewish groups dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism called on the Swedish authorities today (April 4, 2017) to step up security for the country's Jewish citizens, after threats against a community center in Umea forced it to close, according to the Jerusalem Post website.

Members of the Jewish Association in eastern Sweden decided on April 2 to close their doors in light of a series of anti-Semitic incidents and threats to members of the community.

According to Jewish media, the community center was vandalized with swastikas, in addition to being targeted by threatening emails. The windows of an association member's car were also smashed.

"Too many things have happened lately, which mean that Jewish parents don't feel safe having their kids at the schools," the Jewish association's spokesperson Carinne Sjoberg told Swedish national public TV broadcaster SVT.

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