Monday, April 3, 2017

Lithuania Says That Russia May Soon Attack It; Russia Built Up Forces, Weapons on Its Border

Lithuanian intelligence warned today (April 3, 2017) that Russia could attack the Baltic states with as little as 24 hours' notice, thus limiting NATO's ability to respond, the Euro News website reports.

Ramigius Baltrenas -- head of Lithuanian Military Counter-Intelligence -- said Russia's main priority was to strengthen its capabilities towards the West.

The Baltic states -- Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia -- were annexed by the Soviet Union in the 1940s, but gained their freedom in 1991. They have been increasingly fearful of Russian aggression since Russia seized and annexed Ukraine's Crimean peninsula three years ago.

Moscow upgraded its military forces in its enclave of Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea last year, and more recently moved several ballistic nuclear-capable missiles there.

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