Sunday, April 2, 2017

Amsterdam Residents Oppose Holocaust Plaque; Sue City to Have Murdered Jew Plaque Removed

City workers dislodged and relocated a postcard-sized memorial plaque from the entrance to the former home in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, of a Holocaust victim following complaints by residents, the Jerusalem Post website reports today (April 2, 2017).

The plaque -- a brass cobblestone bearing the name of Joachim Elte that in 2014 was embedded into the sidewalk -- was moved to a location "as far away as possible from the door" of the two residents, who recently sued the city to have the plaque removed altogether.

The two residents -- who were not named -- filed a motion ordering the removal of the plaque. The two said they found it too confrontational to have to constantly be reminded of the Nazi deportation and murder of Elte.

A judge sent the motion of the two to an administrative court for review.

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