Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pope Francis Writes Book Printed in 86 Nations; Calls Himself "A Sinner in Need of God's Mercy"

Pope Francis describes himself as "a sinner in need of God's mercy," in an upcoming book where he also urges the Catholic Church to focus on its mission as a grassroots, hands-on organization, the Yahoo News website reports today (January 10, 2016).

The first book of his papacy -- titled "The Name of God is Mercy" -- goes on sale on January 12 in 86 countries, comprises a series of interviews, some of them highly personal, with the 79-year-old Argentine-born pope.

In the book, the pope calls himself "a man who is in need of God's mercy."

Describing the notion of forgiveness, Pope Francis -- a frequent visitor to prisons -- refers to his "special relationship" with convicts. "I have always been very much attached to them, precisely because of the awareness that I have of being a sinner," Francis says. "Every time I cross the doorway of a prison, I always ask myself, 'Why are they here, and not me?'.... I don't feel superior to those in front of me."

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