Sunday, January 31, 2016

Swedes Arrested for Harassing Refugee Children; Hand Out Leaflet "Against Imported Criminality"

Up to 100 masked men threatened to attack refugee children in central Stockholm -- the capital of Sweden -- on January 29, according to local police accounts, the Washington Post website reports today (January 31, 2016).

Fredrik Nylen -- a spokesman for Stockholm police -- said that several men had been arrested because they may have gathered "with the purpose of attacking refugee children." But Swedish and British newspapers reported that Swedes physically attacked refugees.

Police said that up to 100 men were involved in a march through the city center during which they handed out leaflets which threatened punishments for "north African street children roaming" Stockholm.

"It's enough now," the leaflets reportedly say, referring to the recent influx of refugees into the country and recent reports of crimes, allegedly committed by migrants. The leaflets encouraged other men to "defend our public areas against the imported criminality."

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