Saturday, January 30, 2016

At Least 37 Migrants Drowned Off Turkish Coast; Boat Heading to Lesbos Sank after Hitting Rocks

At least 37 people -- including 10 or more children -- drowned today (January 30, 2016) off the western coast of Turkey, when a boat packed with migrants capsized, according to the USA Today website.

The five-mile journey in the Aegean Sea from the Turkish coast to the Greek island of Lesbos is short, but rocky -- causing the tragedy that killed several babies and toddlers.

A Turkish government official said the 56-foot boat hit rocks almost immediately after leaving shore. About 75 people were rescued, the Turkish Coast Guard said. More drowning victims are believed to be trapped inside the sunken vessel.

Police arrested a Turkish man suspected of being the smuggler who organized today's failed sea crossing. The man denied responsibility, saying that he also had relatives on board.

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