Wednesday, January 13, 2016

ISIS Burns Its Own Troops Alive to Teach Lesson; IS Gave Up Ramadi to Iraqis,Must Fight to Death

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) took its own fighters and burned them to death after they fled Ramadi, following that city's capture by Iraqi forces, the Daily Caller website reports today (January 13, 2016).

After the fighters fled Ramadi, ISIS dragged them into a town square, moved them into a circle formation, and set them on fire to let other fighters know that losing is not an option.

If they did not know it before, ISIS fighters know now that the only acceptable course of action is to fight until victory or until death.

The burning took place 250 miles north of Ramadi in the ISIS-controlled city of Mosul. Ramadi -- a major ISIS stronghold -- was recently recaptured by Iraqi forces after a week of hard fighting with the help of U.S. air support.

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