Friday, January 2, 2015

UN Certifies Palestine's Completion of ICC Route; Means ICC Can Judge Crimes on Palestinian Terr.

Palestinian observers at the United Nations have presented their documents ratifying the Treaty of Rome's conditions for membership of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and 17 other UN-administered international treaties, the Euro News website reports today (January 2, 2015).

Completion of the ICC process means Palestine's unusual, non-state entity with the UN is confirmed, and the court takes on competence to judge crimes committed by anyone on Palestinian territory.

Foreign resistance to granting the Palestinians any form of recognition on international bodies that could be interpreted as recognizing claims to statehood has weakened in the last two years, faced with a frozen peace process with Israel.

Starting with Sweden, a number of European states have relaxed their stance and begun to grant the Palestinian state, or semi-state recognition, much to the anger of Israel.

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