Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Boko Haram Militants Suffer Heaviest Toll Ever; Cameroonians Kill 143 of Them in a 5-Hour Fight

The Boko Haram Islamic extremist group suffered its "heaviest toll" ever as Cameroon soldiers killed 143 terror thugs in a lopsided victory, the NY Daily News website reports today (January 13, 2015).

Hundreds of gunmen had crossed the border from Nigeria and attacked a Cameroonian military camp in Kolofata.

Boko Haram troops suffered the heavy losses during a bloody five-hour fight.

"It is by far the heaviest toll sustained by the criminal sect Boko Haram since it began launching its barbaric attacks against our land, people, and goods," said Cameroonian Information Minister Issa Bakary.

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