Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hezbollah Kills 2 Israeli Soldiers Near Lebanon; Payback for Israelis Killing 6 Hezbollah Fighters

Two Israeli soldiers were killed and another seven were wounded today (January 28, 2015) in a Hezbollah strike on an army convoy near the Lebanese border, the Free Republic website reports.

Israel's military responded to the anti-tank missile strike on its convoy with aerial and ground attacks on Hezbollah positions in Lebanon. A Spanish United Nations peacekeeper was killed by the Israeli attacks.

The Lebanese terror group Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the attack and said it destroyed a number of Israeli vehicles.

A statement from Hezbollah also said that the attack was carried out by a group calling itself the "heroic martyrs of Quneitra," indicating it was retaliation for an Israeli airstrike on the Golan Heights on January 18 that killed six Hezbollah fighters.

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