Saturday, January 3, 2015

Israelis Stone US Diplomatic Autos in West Bank; Diplomats Sought Uprooted Trees,Drew Weapons

Israeli police said Jewish settlers threw stones yesterday at cars of a U.S. diplomatic delegation which came to inspect vandalism to scores of nearby Palestinian-owned trees in the occupied West Bank, the Reuters website reports today (January 3, 2015).

The U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv and consulate in Jerusalem had no comment on the incident outside Adei Ad settlement, which caused no casualties.

An Israeli police spokeswoman said the purpose of the trip was to inspect nearby trees that had been uprooted in what their Palestinian owners suspect was vandalism by Jewish settlers.

A resident of Adei Ad told Reuters -- on the condition of anonymity -- that U.S. delegates came within 50 yards of a settlement in two diplomatic cars accompanied by local Palestinians. He added that two armed diplomatic guards -- one with a pistol and the other with an M-16 rifle -- emerged from the cars and pointed their weapons at the settlers.

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