Sunday, January 25, 2015

France Seen as Most Dangerous Country for Jews; Anti-Semitic Incidents in France Doubled in 2014

France was the most dangerous country for Jews in 2014, with the highest incidence of anti-Semitism, an annual Israeli state report released today (January 25, 2015) revealed, according to the Times of Israel website.

The report -- which was set to be presented to the Knesset today by Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett -- also recorded a dramatic increase in anti-Semitic attacks during the summer Gaza conflict, and maintained that most attacks were carried out by Mislim extremists. (More Jews and Muslims live in France than any other country in Europe.)

"France was marked as the most dangerous country for Jews today," a statement said. The number of anti-Semitic crimes doubled in France in 2014, it maintained.

"Last year nearly 1,000 anti-Semitic incidents were reported including assaults, many categorized as 'extremely violent' as well as attacks on synagogues and other Jewish institutes."

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