Monday, October 13, 2014

Report: IS Militants Treat Non-Muslims Harshly; Force Girls and Women to Marriage,Boys into Mil.

A new report released today (October 13, 2014) provides more details on how Islamic State (IS) militants are inhumanly treating their captives of religious minority groups, more specifically the Yazidis, according to the Christian Post website.

The report finds that militants are forcing preteens, teenagers and grown women into forced marriages and sex slavery, while forcing detained Yazidi men to convert to Islam and young boys to train to become ISIS fighters.

On August 3 when ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) captured much of northern Iraq -- including the Yazidi religious minority town of Sinjar -- they took hundreds of Yazidi men, women, and children hostage. The report released by The Human Rights Watch is based on interviews with 16 escaped Yazidi captives, dozens of family members of ISIS detainees, and two current ISIS captives.

Numerous female interviewees said that the younger Yazidi women are usually hand-picked by ISIS fighters to be forcefully married, while others are sold as sex slaves by ISIS militants to the group's supporters. As for the men and boys, interviewees claim that the boys are taken and given military and Islamic training, while the men are forced to convert to Islam in ceremonies of mass conversion.

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