Saturday, October 18, 2014

Miss Hitler 2014 Contest Is on Russia's Facebook; Nazis Vote for Favorite Pix of Anti-Semitic Women

A Miss Hitler 2014 contest is going on right now on VKontakte -- Russia's Facebook -- as Russian and Ukrainian Nazis are voting for their favorite pictures of proud, beautiful, anti-Semitic women posted on the site's "Adolf Hitler" group page, the Drudge Report website reports today (October 18, 2014).

Miss Ostland 2014, as it's called, is a social media pageant tribute to Ostland, the Nazi civilian occupation regime of the Baltic states in 1941 in which more than a million Jews were murdered.

But Miss Ostland is more about "feminine beauty" than genocide.

The woman whose picture receives the most likes will be declared the winner, and only group members can vote.

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