Sunday, October 5, 2014

King Abdullah:Rel.Extremism Must Be Eradicated; Saudi Arabia Head Joins Air Strikes on IS in Syria

Religious extremism is a perversion which must be eradicated, Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah said today (October 5, 2014), with his air force engaged in a U.S.-led campaign against jihadist militants in Syria, the Raw Story website reports.

"Extremism, which has generated terrorism, behooves us to combine our efforts to fight it and defeat it because it has nothing to do with Islam," the king said in an annual address to leaders of delegations from Islamic nations which performed the annual hajj pilgrimage. Saudi Arabia -- whose capital Mecca is the birthplace of the Islam prophet Mohammad -- is considered to be the most traditional and most religious of all Islam countries.

Saudi Arabia and four other Arab countries have joined an American-led coalition which is conducting air strikes against Islamic State (IS) group rebel positions in Syria.

The militants -- who have also seized territory in Iraq -- have carried out a series of atrocities,  including crucifixions and beheadings which have been condemned by Muslims worldwide.

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