Thursday, October 2, 2014

Obama,Netanyahu in Bad Feud Over Settlements; US Warns Bldg. Would Shun Israel from Its Allies

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hit back at the White House today (October 2, 2014), after Washington criticized Israeli plans to build thousands more settler homes in East Jerusalem, the Daily Star (Lebanese) website reports.

Public radio quoted Netanyahu as telling U.S. President Barack Obama in talks in Washington yesterday to "study the facts and details before making statements" about the settlement plan.

The approval of 2,610 new housing units in occupied Arab East Jerusalem drew condemnation from Washington. White House spokesman Josh Earnest warned that the move would "distance Israel from even its closest allies."

Israel's settlement building in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem -- which is illegal under international law -- has caused the breakdown of several rounds of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

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