Saturday, March 1, 2014

Gang Stabs 28 to Death at Rail Station in China; Govt. Sees It as Act of Terror by Minority Group

China was reeling from what was described as a "violent terror attack" today (March 1, 2014), in which a knife-wielding gang stabbed 28 people to death and left scores more injured at a railway station, The Guardian website reports.

Motives for the killings at Kunming in Yunnan province in southwest China were unclear, but Beijing has blamed similar attacks on militants from Xinjiang in the country's restive northwest.

Reports said five unidentified attackers were shot dead by police and another five were being hunted.

No reason for the killings was given, but state television described them as an act of terrorism -- a term Beijing usually uses to describe the activities of minority ethnic groups it charges with fomenting unrest in outlying regions such as Xinjiang.

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