Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Abbas Distorts Obama's Peace Solutions to Press; Claims Obama Backs E. Jerusalem as Pal. Capital

U.S. President Barack Obama met in the Oval Office on March 17 with Mahmoud Abbas -- the acting leader of the Palestinian Authority -- and made some surprising comments, such as commending Abbas as someone "who has consistently sought a diplomatic and peaceful solution" for Israel and Palestine, the Jewish Press website reports today (March 18, 2014).

Obama said "everybody understands the outlines of what a peace deal would look like, involving a territorial compromise on both sides based on '67 lines with mutually agreed upon swaps," but never said a word about Jerusalem.

In Abbas's responsive remarks to the press, he transformed what Obama said into something quite different. Abbas made it sound as though Obama said that there would be a Palestinian State with "'67 lines" as its western border, and with eastern Jerusalem as its capital.

Abbas also created a link to the "promise" of the release of still more convicted Muslim murderers as part of the "peace process."

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