Thursday, November 28, 2013

US Decides to Move Out of Its Vatican Embassy; Will Move to US Embassy in Italy for Security

The relocation of the US Vatican Embassy onto Italian soil has come under fire from past U.S. ambassadors, who say the move will diminish its influence, although State Department officials defend the decision as good for security, the CNA (Catholic News Agency) website reports today (November 28, 2013).

Former US ambassador to the Holy See James Nicholson said the embassy's planned move to the grounds of the Embassy to Italy is "another manifestation of the antipathy of this administration both to Catholics and to the Vatican -- and to Christians in the Middle East.

"This is a key post for intermediation in so many sovereignties but particularly in the Middle East," Nicholson said.

He added, "This is anything but a good time to diminish the stature of this post. To diminish the stature of this post is to diminish its influence."

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