Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pope Francis Sparks a Resurgence in Cath. Church; Cath. Inspired by His Effort to Modernize Church

After more than a decade of decline, the Roman Catholic Church is experiencing a resurgence in popularity with Pope Francis credited with filling the pews again, the News (Australian) website reports today (November 17, 2013).

Catholics across the globe are going back to church because they are inspired by the charismatic Argentinian-born Pope Francis and his refreshing approach to modernize the church. Moreover, his exceptional humility and his simple and anti-materialistic lifestyle have had a significant impact on many Catholics to return to the church.

The Italian Center for Studies of New Religion has branded it the "Frances effect" where in Great Britain -- largely a Church of England (Protestant) nation -- Catholic congregations alone have risen by 20 percent. Similar support for the Catholic Church is being experienced elsewhere in the world, notably Italy, Spain, France, Latin America, and the United States.

Catholics are also glad that Pope Francis has been cleaning up the corruption in the Vatican -- a move that has resulted in what some Italian prosecutors believe is reason enough for Italy's corrupt  'ndrangheta mafia group to want to kill him.

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