Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ital.Prosecutor:Pope Francis May Be Mafia Target; Mafia Mad Its Deals with Corrupt Bishops Waning

Pope Francis' anti-corruption stance could put his life at risk from "the most dangerous, most unified, and most difficult to penetrate" mafia clan in Italy, an Italian prosecutor said today (November 14, 2013), according to the Newser website.

As "Pope Francis is dismantling centers of economic power in the Vatican," mobsters are "nervous and agitated" that their dealings with corrupt bishops could come to an end, says prosecutor Nicola Gratteri, who has battled 'Ndrangheta mob clan, told an Italian daily newspaper. "I don't know if organized crime is in a position to do something, but certainly they are thinking about it."

Gratteri continued: "'Ndrangheta and the church walk hand in hand... The mafia that invests, that launders money, that therefore has the real power, is the mafia which has got rich for years" off its alliance with the church.

But after Pope Francis' fiery speech against corruption earlier this week and several pope-backed reforms in the Vatican, "it could be dangerous," said Gratteri. "They wouldn't hesitate to trip him (the pope) up," Gratteri added.

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