Friday, November 15, 2013

China's Govt. Ends Country's One-Child Policy; Ends Using Labor Camps to Re-Educate People

The ruling party of China announced today (November 15, 2013) a change in China's infamous "one-child" policy. It ruled that an urban couple can have two children -- as long as one of the two parents is an only child -- according to the Slate website.

The one-child policy in China -- the world's most populous nation with more than a billion people -- has had a negative impact on its society, as it has left China with a rapidly aging population and a severe gender imbalance among its younger citizens.

Because of the one-child policy, a plethora of couples would have an abortion if they were expecting a girl, with the hope of having a boy during the woman's next pregnancy.

Also today, China's ruling party decided that China will no longer try to "re-educate" people by sentencing them to slave labor camps. Indeed, today was a very productive day for the Chinese people -- perhaps the most productive day China has had in more than half a century.

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