Friday, March 11, 2011

Student Sues U of Calif. for Anti-Semitic Attacks; Says UC-Berkeley Did Nothing to Stop the Attacks

The Worldwide Religious News website reports today (March 11, 2011) that a Jewish student at the University of California-Berkeley is suing the university to defend her claim that another student belonging to the Students for Justice in Palestine assaulted her, while she was demonstrating in a pro-Israel protest.

Jessica Felber, 20, said that over a year ago, she was holding a sign on campus which read "Israel wants Peace" when another UC-Berkeley student, Husam Zakharia -- the leader of the Students for Justice in Palestine -- intentionally rammed a shopping cart into her.

Felber, who filed a suit in San Francisco Superior Court this month, claims she was assaulted because she is Jewish.

According to the lawsuit, the university knew that the pro-Palestinian group had intimidated Jewish students, but did nothing to stop the assaults.

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