Monday, March 7, 2011

Danish Atheist Society Has Over 1200 Members; Calls for End of Prayer at Parliament Meetings

The Copenhagen Post website reports today (March 7, 2011) that the Danish Atheist Society is calling for all religious symbols to be removed from public institutions, as well as the establishment of a cemetery for atheists.

"We find it offensive that when parliament opens, there is an official Christian prayer service," the society's chairman, Stinus Lindgreen said.

The Danish Atheist Society has more than 1200 members, and with its growing popularity come new demands about the structure of Danish society.


  1. Denmark has a state church, evangelical (episcopal) Lutheran, so what do these theophobes expect? If they were truly atheists, they wouldn't bhother wanting a cemetary but should be generous enough to donate their lifeless bodies to medical sciences, in the hope of at least helping their fellow man.

    I am being uncharitable, I know, to say this, but they are just plain silly to make such a demand.

  2. Romanos, if you think that atheists seeking their own cemetery is a silly demand, you will want to read an article I posted a few hours after this one titled "US Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Atheist's Case; Atheist Had Tried to End "In God We Trust" Motto."

    This atheist wanted to remove "In God We Trust" from all of America's coins and currency.

    Have atheists become extremely bold in their demands lately, or have they always been this bold?