Saturday, March 19, 2011

Helen Thomas in Playboy: Jews Totally Control US; Insists Jews "Stole" Israel from Palestinians

The YNet News (Israeli) website reports that veteran US reporter Helen Thomas lashed out at Israel in an interview published March 18, 2011 in Playboy magazine, standing by fiery comments which forced her to quit her job last June at Hearst Corporation, as dean of the White House press corps.

Speaking to Playboy, Thomas denied she was anti-Semitic, but railed against Jewish lobbies she said controlled power in America -- from the White House and Congress to Hollywood and financial markets.

The combative 90-year-old also reiterated her view that Jews should stay in Europe and the U.S., rather than moving to Israel, which she said was "stolen" from the Palestinians.

"I'm not anti-Jewish; I'm anti-Zionist. I am anti-Israel taking what doesn't belong to it," Thomas said.

Ironically enough, Thomas' interview appears in the latest issue of Playboy -- a magazine noted for its photos of naked women -- owned by Hugh Heffner, who is an American Jew, yet kind enough to publish her negative views on Israel and American Jews.

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