Saturday, March 19, 2011

Franklin Graham: Muslim-Obama Complicity Risky; It's Like a Farmer Using Fox to Protect Henhouse

The Muslim Brotherhood -- with the complicity of the Obama administration -- has infiltrated the U.S. government at the highest levels, and is influencing American policy that leaves the world's Christians in grave danger, warns internationally known evangelist Franklin Graham.

"The Muslim Brotherhood is very strong and active here in our country," Graham told the Newsmax website. He added, "We've brought in Muslims to tell us how to make policy toward Muslim countries."

"It's like a farmer asking a fox, 'How do I protect my henhouse?'"

The same Muslim Brotherhood is fomenting much of the rebellion and the deteriorating social order roiling the Middle East, forcing millions of Christians to flee for their lives, said Graham -- son of the world-famous beloved evangelist, Dr. Billy Graham.

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  1. I believe that President Obama is ultimately more sympathetic with the cause of the Palestinians and the radical Islamists than he is with the United States and our allies. In his view, we have illegitimately exercised our power around the world and taken advantage of weaker nations and people. While he may not agree with the tactics of the terrorists, he believes that they have legitimate complaints against our country. As his long term friend and mentor Jeremiah Wright said after 9-11, "America's chickens are coming home to roost".

    This fits in with his far left-wing world view. He believes that we need to understand why these radical Muslims hate us, make amends for our past actions, and start adopting policies that will show them we aren't their enemy.

    In reality, President Obama's world view is both ignorant and naive, and due to his position of power, it is a world view that is very dangerous. There are only two things we can do that would satisfy these radicals. We can either adopt Islam as our state religion and institute Sharia law, or we can let them kill all of us. They will not be satisfied with anything less. If we want preserve our free nation, our only option is to hunt down these radicals and eliminate them.