Monday, February 6, 2017

Many Iraqi,Syrian,Afghan Airstrikes Unreported; Pentagon Failed to Disclose Thousands of Strikes

An investigation by the Military Times has revealed that the American military has failed to publicly disclose thousands of lethal airstrikes conducted over several years in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, the Military Times website reports today (February 6, 2017).

The enormous data gap raises serious doubts about transparency in reported progress against the Islamic State, al Qaida, and the Taliban.

Most alarming is that this data has probably been incomplete since the U.S. war on terrorism began in October 2001.

This lack of transparency, in effect, undermines confidence in much of what the Pentagon has disclosed about its prosecution of these wars, prompts critics to call into question whether the military sought to mislead the American public, and casts doubt on the competency with which other vital data collection is being performed and publicized.

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