Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Man Is Guilty of Defacing Missouri Islamic Ctr.; Adam David Smock Also Burned 2 Koran Copies

A man pleaded guilty yesterday as part of a plea agreement, on federal criminal charges for defacing a Missouri Islamic center and burning two copies of the Koran nearly five years ago, the UPI website reports today (December 29, 2015).

Adam David Smock, 23, waived his right to a grand jury investigation and entered the guilty plea, which stems from a pair of incidents at the Islamic Center in Springfield, Missouri. Under the plea agreement, Smock is expected to be incarcerated for 14 days, followed by a five-year term of supervised release.

Justice officials said Smock and two others spray-painted graffiti on the center in January 2011 that contained hateful messages.

About three months after the first vandalism, Smock said he and the same two accomplices partially burned two copies of the Koran -- the holy book of the Muslim faith -- and placed them near the entrance to the Islamic Center. The books were accompanied by printed statements insulting Muslims, including "We vow one thing: Islam will not survive. Death to Islam!"

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