Sunday, December 27, 2015

Afghan Militia Beheads 4 Islamic State Fighters; Gives Islamic State a Taste of Its Own Medicine

Militiamen loyal to an influential Afghan lawmaker beheaded four Islamic State (IS) fighters and publicly displayed their severed heads, officials said today (December 27, 2015), highlighting an increasingly brutal conflict as the jihadist group makes inroads in Afghanistan, according to the Yahoo News website.

The killings in Nangarhar province bordering Pakistan provoked horror and condemnation in a country that has witnessed four decades of bloodshed and war.

The militia force loyal to Haji Zahir -- deputy speaker of parliament -- has been battling self-styled IS militants in Achin district in the province for several weeks.

Zahir said the IS group captured and beheaded four of his fighters, prompting his men to retaliate.

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