Friday, December 18, 2015

Israel and Turkey to Restore Diplomatic Relations; Ended in 2010 Due to Israelis' Raid of Turkey Ship

Israel and Turkey are poised to re-establish diplomatic relations after years of tense relations, officials from both countries said today (December 18, 2015) -- a move that could renew close cooperation between two of America's strongest allies in the region -- according to the Wall Street Journal website.

Top Israeli and Turkish officials met in secret talks this week in Switzerland, where they worked to complete a deal to restore relations that collapsed in 2010 after 10 Turks were killed by Israeli commandos who raided their ship.

The talks came as the international fight against the extremist Islamic State (IS) group injects new strains and transforms long-standing alliances in the region.

Russia's recent intervention in the Syrian civil war has altered the battlefield and led to new efforts by Turkey, the U.S. and their allies to end the conflict and combat the Islamic State.

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