Sunday, December 20, 2015

Detroit Cath. School Has a Muslim Prayer Room; Parents Oppose It, One Calls It "Unconscionable"

A prestigious Catholic high school -- located in an estate-filled suburb of Detroit -- now features a prayer room for Muslim students to pray, the Daily Caller website reports today (December 20, 2015).

The school is Brother Rice High School, an all-boys bastion affiliated with the Congregation of Christian Brothers in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Brother Rice president John Birney decided to permit the use of a reflection room inside the college prep school as a Muslim prayer room at the request of Muslim students. Birney said he granted the request because he wants the Catholic school to be inclusive.

A group of parents has complained about Muslim students using the reflection room for prayers to Allah. One angry parent called the use of the Catholic school's facilities for Muslim prayer "unconscionable."

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