Friday, August 21, 2015

Slovakia Accepts Refugees Who Are Christians; Won't Take in Muslims "for Their Own Benefit"

The government of Slovakia has agreed to take in refugees from Syria and the surrounding countries that are fleeing violence and unrest in their homelands; however, Slovakia has announced that it will only be allowing Christians into the country, the Christian Headlines website reports today (August 21, 2015).

Interior ministry spokesman Ivan Metik said that the decision is not discriminatory, and is for the benefit of Muslims.

He added, "We want to help Europe with the migration issue. We could take 800 Muslims, but we don't have any mosques in Slovakia, so how can Muslims be integrated if they are not going to like it here?"

Metik continued, "We want to really help Europe with this migration wave, but ... we are only a transit country and the people don't want to stay in Slovakia."

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