Saturday, August 29, 2015

Greece Swears In Its First Woman Prime Minister; Head Supreme Court Judge Leads Caretaker Govt.

Greece's top Supreme Court judge, Vassiliki Thanou, was sworn in as caretaker prime minister on August 27 to organize elections next month in the crisis-hit country after leftist leader Alexis Tsipras resigned, the Big News Network website reports today (August 29, 2015).

Thanou, 65, the president of Greece's Supreme Court , becomes the country's first female prime minister.

An opponent of austerity, Thanou has argued against wage cuts for judges and court officials. Her interim government will remain in place at least until parliamentary elections are held, expected to be on September 20.

"I'm especially happy because I'm receiving the first woman prime minister in the history of the Greek democracy, and this is an important step," Tsipras told Thanou at a handover ceremony at the prime ministerial mansion.

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