Friday, August 7, 2015

Islamic State Seeks Deaths in Germany, Austria; Tells Muslims Living There to Kill Non-Muslims

The Islamic State (IS) has threatened to bring slaughter to Germany and Austria in its latest execution video, calling on Muslims living there to move to the Islamic State, or -- if they cannot for whatever reason -- to kill non-Muslims in their countries, the Clarion Project website reports today (August 7, 2015).

The video was shot in Palmyra, Syria and shows jihadists executing two soldiers of Assad's army. It is in German with Arabic subtitles, speaking directly to its target audience.

A jihadist in the video praised Allah and made the journey himself to the Islamic State (termed "hijrah" -- migration).

He called on German and Austrian Muslims saying, "My dear brothers, make hijrah with Allah's permission. I swear in the name of Allah if you do this you will be very happy. You will live here knowing that the sharia [Islamic law] of Allah rules all around you."

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