Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Church Trial Set for Lesbian Methodist Minister; Rev. Amy DeLong's Trial Will Begin on April 11th

United Methodists are weighing in on the debate over an Appleton, Wisconsin minister who faces a church trial for her homosexual lifestyle, the Christian Post website reports today (February 16, 2011).

The Rev. Amy DeLong is scheduled to go to trial on April 11. Two charges were brought against her -- one for conducting a ceremony for the union of a lesbian couple and another for being a self-avowed practicing homosexual.

DeLong -- who has served as a clergy member for 14 years -- officiated at a lesbian couple's union in 2009, then registered with her same-sex partner that same year, according to the United Methodist News Service (UMNS).

She told UMNS that hiding her lesbian preference was "taking a toll on my soul and psyche."


  1. I thought that homosexual ministers were okay in that church. I guess not.

    As long as we cave in to the world's new lie that homosexuality is a God-given blessing of diversity among us, and not a sickness as it really is, we will come under greater and greater pressure to accept this unnatural activity as normal.

    What parents look forward to the day when their son or daughter can grow up and marry a same-sex partner, so they can have a big wedding and proudly display the wedding pictures on the mantle piece? Everyone knows deep down, even homosexuals themselves, that it is an unwanted perversion and disease, and if they could be rid of it, they would. Unfortunately, like any disorder, to rectify it and cure it takes time, patience, effort, and money. And for those in whom it cannot be cured, to help them live in a way where it can be avoided and allow them to live otherwise righteous and faithful lives, still takes a lot of courage as well.

    But God is always faithful to help those weho turn to Him, and we also have the examples of the saints, some of whom also struggled with these things, and emerged victorious.

  2. The only Christian Church that I know really allows gay clergy to preach is the Anglican Church, which is called the Episcopal Church in the United States.

    In fact so many Anglicans (and Episcopalians in America) became so disgusted with allowing homosexuals to be priests -- as well as the adoption of other modern non-Christian beliefs -- that Pope Benedict in October 2009 eased the process for Anglicans to convert to Catholicism. And many Anglicans -- including priests and bishops -- have converted to Catholicism. Even married Anglican priests can now convert to Catholicism.