Friday, February 25, 2011

Catholic Bishops Support Wis. Union Protesters; Say Workers' Rights Endure in Poor Econ. Times

The Ethics Daily website reports today (February 25, 2011) that US Catholic bishops have thrown their moral weight behind the pro-union protesters in Wisconsin, saying the rights of workers do not abate in difficult economic times.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says proposed legislation to limit collective bargaining rights for public-sector employees is necessary to close a $137 million deficit in the state's budget.

The US bishops' committee on domestic justice support for unions came in the form of a public letter yesterday to Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki, who conveyed his support of the unions last week.

"Your efforts to share the consistent teaching of the church in the midst of this controversy are an example for all of us on how to apply our moral principles to the 'signs of the times,'" the bishops' letter states.

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