Thursday, February 17, 2011

Christians in Singapore Up to 18 Percent of Pop.; Many Chinese Buddhists Converted to Christianity

The Asia News website reports today (February 17, 2011) that Christianity in Singapore saw the greatest increase in followers over the past 10 years, according to the 2010 government census. Christians now form 18 percent of the population -- up 3 percent from 2000.

Taoism and Hinduism also reported significant growth -- hitting 11 percent and 5 percent respectively in 2010. Islam remained stable at 15 percent, while Buddhism saw the largest drop in followers -- from 43 percent to 33 percent over 10 years.

Detailed figures suggest that many Christian converts are ethnic Chinese who previously followed Buddhism.

"Christian groups offer a sense of community that is ideal for new residents," said researcher Mathew Mathews from the Institute of Policy Studies.


  1. My adopted son in Indonesia, Yudi Kristanto, who is of the Orthodox faith, tells me that in his country, the ethnic Chinese are by far converting to Christianity, even to Orthodoxy, very rapidly.
    The next great harvest of souls for Christ is about to begin.

  2. That's great news for Christians that so many Chinese have recently converted -- and continue to convert -- to Orthodoxy and other branches of Christianity.

    Since China has a population of over a billion people, we can expect a plethora of Chinese worshipers converting to Christianity in the ensuing years.