Friday, February 1, 2019

Survey:People Who Attend Church Are Happier; Also Tend to Be More Active in Social Activities

A new Pew Research Center survey has found that people who identify with a religious group and regularly attend worship services tend to be happier and more civically engaged than those who do not, the Christian Post website reports today (February 1, 2019).

The Pew Center report found that religious attendance -- rather than religious affiliation -- consistently linked to higher levels of happiness than for those around the world who claim no faith.

In the U.S. specifically, 36 percent of actively religious people said they were "very happy" compared to only 25 percent of "unaffiliated" or "inactive" churchgoers.

Also, Pew researchers found that when it comes to measuring civic participation, people who are actively religious are more likely to be active in voluntary and community groups.

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